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Be proactive about your chemo symptoms

Track and share your health data with Enna Health
Free forever for patients & caregivers

Input all your symptom and health info in under 60 seconds a day

Tracking symptoms is exhausting, especially as you’re going through chemo and radiotherapy–we’ve been there! Enna Health’s mobile app is so easy to use, you can input everything from your symptoms to your mental health in under 60 seconds (we timed it!)

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“Symptom tracking can help ease your symptoms and even improve your outcome”

Julia Califano, Everyday Health

Medically Reviewed by Thomas Urban Marron, MD, PhD

Drop the notebook and spreadsheet

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Find patterns in your symptoms and what’s causing them

In many cases you’re dealing with almost a dozen different symptoms, each one seeming like it’s triggered at random. Use us to keep you organized, and dive into your symptom history

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Share your data and enable your medical care team do more

Use Enna Health to share the full picture of your symptoms with your oncologist and nurse so they can help you get your symptoms under control

Track more than just your symptoms

Food Intake
Water Intake
Sexual Health
Mental Health
Bowel Movement
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Caregivers can view or edit the patient’s daily log

If your patient is too young, old, or just too tired to log their symptoms daily, you can enter their health data on their behalf

Or if you’d simply like to keep tabs on your loved one’s health, they can grant you view access

Share your symptom and health with your medical team

Export a PDF of your past 8 weeks of symptoms and share them with your oncologist or nurse through either email or fax

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Our Story

As a cancer survivor, caregiver, and volunteer, I found that my frustrations from battling cancer were not unique. Juggling almost a dozen different symptoms, I just had no way to keep track of it all, let alone proactively try to manage it. Seeing it play out again with my loved ones and other patients drove us to build Enna Health.


Founder, CEO of Enna Health
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For oncology providers

Enna Health provides a real time dashboard of your patient’s symptoms and overall health. By making the “reporting” in PRO’s easy we ensure that patients & caregivers are tracking their health without the need for constant follow-ups.

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